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New shirt

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i just think this one deserves its own post . Its special 

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Male Aradia & Male Vriska 

Male aradia (x)

Male Vriska (x)

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Hi suddenly Chelley feels

[original post] (you should click it so it’d make a little more sense)

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Anonymous asked: sorry if this has been asked already but I was just wondering how you got your aradia horns? like did you make them? and if you did, with what. (sorry if im being completely dumb and it's already been asked and you didn't wanna answer this)

These horns I got from party city. The problem is youd have spray paint them white before you paint the troll horn colors.

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If any of you guys were still wondering if I was portal trash.. the answer is yes.

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theur asked: Jinx from League of Legends xP

ohh that sounds hard ;-;

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X-Ray & Vav Teaser

Coming November 2014

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💗 Vitamin Drop 💗

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