Still my otp. Not gonna change. Have some evil wheatley this time.

Anonymous asked: I saw some of your art... and is there a reason you drew Chell like that? You know... because she's asian.

Im sorry if I like drawing big eyes?

19 hours ago

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some wheatley x Chell for people who ship that like my self.

1 day ago

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1 day ago

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If you dont like my snapchats you can get out of my face.

1 day ago

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sometimes I want to hurt my brother

1 day ago

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4acesdave asked: cause its blazing in cali and you got nominated so you gotta dew it

Im not gonna do the ice bucket challenge only because of one person D:

1 day ago

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4acesdave asked: dew it

BRUH why

1 day ago

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unwindingroom asked: I nominated you for the ice water challenge

oh god I dont know man

1 day ago

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Title: Hey Juliet

Artist: LMNT

Played: 96 times

Not sorry ( Hey Juliet ft. Zula and Meniset )

4 days ago

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