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Tomfeltonticklesmykoalas’ 200 Follower giveaway!

So I recently went to a big Sanrio sale and ended up with a whole lot of things that I didn’t exactly want or I already had and I also recently hit a followers milestone so I figured, hey why not do a give away and so I am. Nothing in this is sponsored and was all purchased by me.

The winner will be chosen via a random generator and I will be messaging them the day after the giveaway ends. If there isn’t a response within 24 hours another winner will be chosen.


❁ You must be following me, I will be checking!

❁ Only reblogs count! Reblog as much as you want, just try not to spam your followers please.

❁ Likes don’t count but feel free to like the post as a bookmark.

❁ If you are under 18 please ask for permission from your parents.

❁ You must be comfortable giving me your address.

❁ Shipping to the continental US only.

❁ If there aren’t 1000 notes or more by July 20th the giveaway will be void or it will be extended depending on the amount of notes it has at the time.

❁ No giveaway blogs please.


❁ ‘Harajuku Mini’ pencil case

❁ To-Fu Oyako Notebook

❁ Two strawberry scented 3D Hello Kitty Stickers

❁ Two sheets of Chai Chai Monchan stickers

❁ Two 5 inch tall Sanrio Mascot Plushies

❁ A heart shaped Hello Kitty resin necklace

❁ Two Hello Kitty Earphone jack accessories (matches the resin necklace!)

❁ 4 inch tall Hello Kitty plush with Sanrio mascot stickers

❁ Hello Kitty Bento Box two-finger ring

❁ A bag of assorted Sanrio candy

❁ 3 inch tall Hello Kitty Notebook

❁ Hello Kitty Octopus Sausage Earphone jack accessory

❁ Hello Kitty Octopus Sausage charm

❁ Keroppi wallet

❁ Hello Kitty shaped card with 16 small stickers inside

❁ Sanrio ‘Gummy Mascot’ character

❁ 4-piece set of New York themed Hello Kitty pins

❁ 6 assorted Sanrio pens

❁ Hatsune Miku pin (1 ½ inches tall)

❁ Monkey Face charm (½ inch tall)

❁ ‘N’ Hello Kitty sticker

❁ Banana Scented Hello Kitty Eraser (1 ½ inches tall)

If you have any questions feel free to message me!

This ends on July 31st and the winner will be messaged on the 1st of August.

Anonymous asked: Speaking of wigs, I could use some advice on taking care of mine. I don't really cosplay all that much (or at all honestly), so I only have one blonde wig when I wanna be Dave Strider for like ten seconds. It tends to have too much volume though so it always looks really off. Any advice on how to reduce the volume?

My only advice is take it to someone who knows how to trim hair and tell them to trim it down to where its layered enough that it doesnt look like it has so much volume. Goodluck! ;u; 

11 hours ago

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Misaki Ayuzawa from Kaichou wa maid sama cospaly

14 hours ago

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I could hide things in this hair

15 hours ago

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My friend took pictures of me yesturday and I kinda like how they came out.

16 hours ago

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I wanted to draw a school girl but … new oc damn it 

( Yoh-Key-Me-Oh )

1 day ago

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tomfeltonticklesmykoalas asked: Damn straight. I'm the hottest babe out there.

1 day ago

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tomfeltonticklesmykoalas asked: I think we all know who Ray loves. It's me obviously -flips hair- 😎

bby <3

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Anonymous asked: Do it, you won't. You'll be searching all over Texas before you even find my place. -Butts.

well now i now you live in texas

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Anonymous asked: Yo, why do you gotta keep bein so adorable? Is there like a dimmer switch on that, cuz you may need to turn it down a notch. Or turn it up 12, I'm not your boss.

youre not my boss? am I not getting paid?

1 day ago

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